After The Storm


After the Storm

Concerns about your water quality after the storm? Consider adding CROxy+ to your stored drinking water. Free shipping on all CROxy+ purchases that we ship into disaster areas when you call us. Family and friends are welcome to call and send to loved ones in these areas, too.

Call us (844)557-8777 for disaster area discounts on other select minerals! We will discount select product shipped directly to disaster areas. M-F 7:30 to 3:00 Pacific Time.


Harvest Gold

Peaches are available now here in Idaho. And they are beautiful! All of the vivid gold colors of harvest and fall reminded me of our ionic, water-soluble Gold. Or actually, the elemental, 99.9% pure gold that we use to make our Gold liquid dietary supplement.
Gold is the minerals of Kings and Queens throughout the eons of time. They have worn in in crowns and jewelry and clothing. Royality ate off of gold plates with gold utensils. They drank from gold vessels. And they stayed amazingly healthy in spite of their poor diet and intrigues that surrounded many of them. Maybe all the gold exposure helped their health!
Today science acknowledges that gold supports the immune system. It supports longevity as it protects our DNA from oxidation damage. Gold may support the glandular system, and consequently vitality. Currently there is research being done with ionic nano-particle gold for applications in medicine today.
Stay in the peach of health. Add ionic, water-soluble Gold to your daily intake!

Mineral Combinations

Each of our ionic liquid minerals are bottled individually. That makes it easy to change your mineral combinations easily, according to your needs. Maybe you want more Magnesium, but without increasing Calcium in your diet. Or you may want Selenium with your Iodine. Perhaps you want to mix 6 or 8 minerals that you know are consistently missing because of your diet choices together into a “cocktail” and add the “cocktail” to the water that you sip on throughout the day. All of these approaches are easily possible when you use liquid, ionic minerals.
Because our minerals are liquid, the serving size is easily adjustable for individual sensitivities and needs–from drops to a teaspoon without the knife or hammer!

Blends and Combinations

Most of our minerals will play good with each other for one or two days at a time. Silver is the primary exception. Please keep Silver out of your daily blends and combinations, and use it separate from them.
Call or email for additional details.

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