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Calcium Dietary Supplement


Calcium is one of the most essential of the major biochemical elements needed in human nutrition. Every organ of the body uses it, including the brain.*

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Calcium Dietary Supplement

One of the most essential of the major biochemical elements needed in your daily nutrition is Calcium. Every organ of your body uses it, including your brain! Another name for Calcium is the “knitter”. This is because it promotes knitting, or normal restoration and the repair processes, everywhere in your body. Consequently, it is valuable for tone, power, strength, longevity, vitality, and endurance.  It also buffers your body acidity and helps regulate your metabolism.*

Calcium is one of the first elements that is effected by poor dietary choices. Added Calcium in many packaged foods is often a type that cannot be made water-soluble by your body. Because it is used in almost every bodily function, an adequate intake of Calcium that is or can become water-soluble is required to replace what is used up daily.  Consequently, supplementing it daily may be important for optimal health.*

Magnesium, Boron and Vitamin D all increase its absorption, while Sodium helps to keep it in a soluble form once it is in your body. Cell-usable Calcium is water-soluble Calcium. It must be ionic to be usable by the cells!*

Bones and teeth, as well as nerves, muscles, blood and tissue store it.*

Calcium by C R Supplements, LLC is:

  • ionic
  • elemental mineral source
  • easy for the body to use, allowing maximum absorption
  • Kosher of America approved
  • Pareve certified—meat free, milk free
  • soy free
  • GMO free
  • preservative free
  • sugar free
  • stabilizer free
  • yeast free
  • fish and shell-fish free
  • egg free
  • plant free
  • grain free

Natural sources

Natural sources are bran, cheese, raw milk, figs, prunes, dates, onions, and vegetable greens. In addition, kidney and soybeans, lentils, molasses, salmon, sardines, and shellfish can provide calcium.*

Amount per Serving

Adult serving: 1 tsp.

*This is generic information about these elements.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

16 FL OZ / 473 mL, 32 FL OZ / 946 mL

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