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Copper Dietary Supplement by C R Supplement, LLC


Copper increases iron assimilation Copper work together in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Copper is integral in the formation of RNA…*

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Copper Dietary Supplement

C R Supplement, LLC provides an ionic Copper Dietary Supplement which can easily support your body activities. These activities are many, and consequently they may use up and exceed the amounts of Copper that may become cell available from your food intake.


Copper is found in all parts of your body and concentrates in your liver, heart, kidneys, brain, bones, and muscles and blood.  Trace amounts of Copper are present in all body tissues so that it can fulfill its role as an integral part of your immune systems’ response to bacteria, virus, and especially yeast and mold.

Copper increases Iron assimilation, as well as working together with the Iron to form hemoglobin and red blood cells. Various enzyme reactions require Copper, including activation of thyroid hormones so they are available for use in controlling your metabolism. Copper influences protein metabolism. It influences how your body perceives pain because it is a necessary part of enkephalin production. It improves vitamin C oxidation, as well as being an integral part in the formation of RNA.

Graying hair may be an indicator of diminishing amounts of Copper in your body. Copper and Zinc must balance in the body in approximately a seven part Zinc to one part Copper ratio. Therefore, poor Zinc levels may limit the amount of Copper that your body will absorb. The excess Copper over that ratio may be perceived by your body as a toxic amount, and it will consequently respond to it as if the Copper were a toxin. Therefore, Zinc and Copper are continually in a balancing act that is in constant motion!*^

Copper Dietary Supplement by C R Supplements, LLC is:

  • Ionic.
  • Cell available.
  • Easy for the body to use, allowing maximum absorption.
  • Fewer milligrams needed because absorption is more complete.
  • Flexible! Easy to change adult serving size to a child serving.
  • Mild tasting. Okay to dilute.
  • Vegan and Hypoallergenic use.
  • Kosher of America approved.
  • Pareve certified—meat free, milk free.
  • Soy free.
  • Gluten free.
  • GMO free.
  • Preservative free.
  • Sugar free.
  • Stabilizer free.
  • Yeast free.
  • Fish and shell-fish free.
  • Egg free.
  • Plant free.
  • Grain free.
  • Free of added coloring.

Copper Dietary Supplement Serving Size

An Adult serving size is 1 tsp..

Pints contain 96 servings. Quarts contain 191 servings.

Natural Sources of Copper

Natural sources of Copper include liver, whole grain cereals, and almonds, as well as green leafy vegetables, and seafood.*^

*This is generic information about these elements.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

16 FL OZ / 473 mL, 32 FL OZ / 946 mL

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