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Happy Healthy Holidays with Silver!

Healthy Happy Holidays!
The month of December is all about the special memories that are created. Family. Friends. Community. Keeping up with everything may mean that good nutrition that supports your normal, healthy immune system gets set aside for a month or so. Consequently, your immune system may become compromised and symptoms that slow you down or worse can start happening. Being sick rarely makes happy memories!
Think Silver! Silver was used for centuries for eating utensils and sometimes the drinking containers of royalty, and more recently has been used as a part of amalgam fillings (which are slowly disappearing from the dental scene as there is more and more recognition of the poisonous aspect of the mercury vapor that is released from them!) Silver is effective on a broad spectrum of bacteria and some virus, and can be a fine support for an impaired immune system until you can get it healthier again.^
Stay healthy! Keep the memories of your Holidays Happy!
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