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Cobalt Dietary Supplement


Although the body only
needs a small amount of
cobalt, it is an essential

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Cobalt is a mineral that the body uses in a small amounts.  Cobalt is stored in the red blood cells with smaller amounts in the kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen.  Cobalt helps support the myelin sheath, promotes the effectiveness of glucose transport from the blood into body cells, and effects the assimilation of iron and the construction of red blood cells.  Cobalt is a chief agent of Vitamin B-12; it increases the body’s ability to absorb it.  Cobalt stimulates many enzymes of the body and maintains the performance of other body cells.  Because of its low absorption rate and high excretion rate, cobalt toxicity is not common.

Adult serving 1 tsp.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
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16 FL OZ / 473 mL, 32 FL OZ / 946 mL

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